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Top 3 Scariest PSVR Games to Play Right Now

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Top 3 Scariest PSVR Games to Play Right Now


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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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An on-rails shooter spin-off of 2015’s survival horror interactive movie experience, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood brings many of the creepy beasts from the main game and pits them against you as you ride a number of fairground rides. You know those haunted house rides where you get taken around and frightened constantly in a little mine cart? Well it’s that but you’re armed with guns and you can die this time.

Thanks to the immersive nature of VR, something which wouldn’t be all that scary when playing on a normal TV becomes a lot more terrifying. Especially when you hear a clown’s laugh as it blindsides you and attacks you with an axe. Nope nope nope!

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