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6 Terrible Video Game Ghosts That Should Have Stayed Dead


6 Terrible Video Game Ghosts That Should Have Stayed Dead

Time to rethink your career path.

Boos – Super Mario Brothers Series

Mario, Boos, Ghosts

Ghosts are one of those staple enemies, spirits that pop up in horror-related video games and usually end up stalking the player until they die. However, some ghosts apparently missed the memo. Whether they’re easy to kill or not threatening in the least, here are 6 video game ghosts that should just be ashamed of themselves.

Boos are perhaps some of the most famous ghosts in gaming thanks to their cute demeanor and near invincibility from Mario’s attacks. There is virtually nothing that can stop them, and if they touch Mario at all, he will most certainly die. Yet, somehow, they are too damn scared to even chase after Mario if he is looking at them. Come on Boos, it’s not like holding your hands over your face somehow makes Mario incapable of seeing you. Sure they can eventually go invisible, but there is no excuse for them to not just swarm our favorite plumber regardless of where he’s looking. You’re already dead Boos, what do you actually have to fear?

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