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Mafia III: How to Reload Weapons


Mafia III: How to Reload Weapons

How to Reload – Mafia III

There is a lot of shooting in Mafia III. That means you’ll be switching through weapons and running through magazines faster than you can think. When this happens, it’s time to reload with some fresh ammunition, which is thankfully an easy task.

To reload a weapon, simply equip it by holding L1/LB and selecting your desired weapon. When it’s in your hands, press Square (on PlayStation 4) and X (on Xbox One) to refill the magazine so that you can continue your onslaught of death. It should be noted that you can only reload a weapon if you have spare ammunition for that specific weapon. So make sure to carry multiple different weapon types so that you always have something to fire. If you ever do run out of ammo, you’ll just have to brawl it out until you come across more.

For more guides, tricks, and tips on Mafia III, make sure to check back to Twinfinite.

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