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Everything We Know About Overwatch’s Sombra So Far


Everything We Know About Overwatch’s Sombra So Far

She who has the information, has the power.

She’s a Stealthy One Who Works Out of Dorado


The very first hint fans found of Sombra was in the Dorado map in Overwatch. If you look in the control room, you’ll find three classified manila folders with the following names: Soldado 76, Jack Morrison, and Sombra. The first two files are about Jack Morrison, before and after he became Soldier 76. The third file is about a mysterious figure named Sombra. If you look a little closer, you’ll also find newspapers scattered about Dorado, with the headline: “Who is Sombra?”

According to the recent leak, it looks like Sombra is one of Overwatch’s most notorious hackers who lost everything during the Omnic Crisis (the incident that resulted in the formation of Overwatch). She was left only with computers to work with, and she soon became a very skilled hacker. She worked with a gang called Los Muertos, but eventually attracted too much unwanted attention, and she had to go into hiding.

“Sombra” can also be translated to “shadow” in Spanish, which adds to the theory that she’s a character that hides in the darkness.

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