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Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel: How to Get Captain’s Ashes


Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel: How to Get Captain’s Ashes

Ashes are one of the ways that Dark Souls III rewards players who are willing to explore past the main area and risk it all for new loot. This theme has carried over to Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel as the Captain’s Ashes are located in a rather dangerous area. To get them, you will need to spawn at the first bonfire and head right until the area below you collapses.

When you are in the forest, make sure to hug the right wall so the pack of hungry wolves don’t catch your scent and chase you down. Once you reach the edge, quickly run to the left side until you reach a small path along the cliff. You should have enough time to outrun the wolves along the path’s entrance, so just ignore them for now.

There area you are in now should have a ruined tower at the far side, that’s where the Captain’s Ashes are located. Fight your way through the horde of giant vikings, taking extra precaution to kill their wolves first. Make sure to hide behind cover so the archer in the tower cannot hit you and give his friends an opening.

Once you actually reach the tower there will be a guard waiting at the top of the stairs, so make sure to lead him outside for your fight. After he falls, make your way back up the stairs and ladders until you come across an archer just chilling by a precarious edge. Backstab, kick, or use magic to knock him off so you don’t have to fight him and waste your Flasks.

Continue upwards until you are prompted to go outside and walk along the outside scaffolding. Climb up the ladder and you will see two items, one of which is the Captain’s Ashes. However you will need to slowly walk along a narrow beam in order to get to it, so make sure to line yourself up at the start. Once you grab these items, head back to the Shrine and turn them in to the hand maiden.

Here’s what you get from the Captain’s Ashes:

  • 3 Embers – 2,500 Souls
  • Millwood Knight Helm – 5,000 Souls
  • Millwood Knight Armor – 8,500 Souls
  • Millwood Knight Gauntlets – 5,000 Souls
  • Millwood Knight Leggings – 5,000 Souls
  • Millwood Greatarrow – 800 Souls

This is one of the new sets of armor for Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel so make sure to claim these ashes before you finish your journey. The set itself looks quite cool and is in the heavy armor category of gear. If you want to get your Nord on, make sure to pick these items up.

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