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Dartrix, Torracat, & Brionne: Which Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter Evolution’s Best?


Dartrix, Torracat, & Brionne: Which Pokemon Sun & Moon Starter Evolution’s Best?

Which one is the very best?

Nintendo revealed the first evolutions for the starters in Pokemon Sun and Moon today, and boy did we get plenty of information on Dartrix, Brionne, and Torracat. We’ve known about the starters for quite some time now, but of course the evolved forms of each Pokemon play a big part in which one you choose to journey with. Let’s take a look at each of the new evolutions and decide which one’s the best, based on looks, moves, and description.

3. Brionne


Brionne, the evolved form of Popplio, is without a doubt the dumbest looking of the new evolutions. That blank stare, permanent smile, weird flippers and dress. It’s not necessarily a terrible design, but definitely pales in comparison to the other two. Brionne is listed as a “Pop Star Pokemon,” learning dance moves in battle to confuse opponents and then follow up with an attack. Here’s what its Pokedex information says:

“This Pokemon is a hard worker and pours itself into its efforts until it has memorized each dance. As it dances, Brionne creates balloon after balloon. In battle, it first sends its opponent into disarray with its dancing, and then slaps its balloons into its target, causing the balloons to explode and deal damage.”

Slapping a balloon into an enemy sounds a lot less dangerous than Torracat’s fire abilities or the sharp-bladed feathers of Dartrix. This evolution’s special ability is Torrent, which significantly boosts the power of water attacks in battle. Brionne is the most good-natured of all three, however, as its entry says that it always acts happy and cheerful no matter what.

“Even when it’s feeling sad, this Pokemon doesn’t allow its sorrow to show. It’s said that Brionne will only reveal a sad expression to a Pokemon or Trainer to whom it has opened its heart completely.”

Do we really have time for a fake Pokemon that just pretends to be happy all the time?

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