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Would Stranger Things Make a Great Video Game?


Would Stranger Things Make a Great Video Game?

Taking video games to the upside-down.

The new hit Netflix TV series, Stranger Things, has been receiving popularity with viewers along with critical acclaim mainly due to its interesting characters and fresh plot lines. The show introduces a talented cast along with very distinct locations and environments. The combinations of these aspects make Stranger Things a prime candidate for a video game. However, the uniqueness of the characters and contrasting environments might be difficult to portray through cohesive gameplay.

Why It Might Not Work

Netflix's Stranger Things

Stranger Things has a talented and varied ensemble cast, which works well in the TV medium. In video games, there is typically only one protagonist that the player takes control of. Since Strager Things focuses on multiple characters and plot points at the same time, it would be hard to transition in video game format since mechanics and abilities would most likely be tied to a specific character or location. In games such as GTA V where there are multiple playable characters, the characters have very similar combat systems where the characters in a Strangers Things game would not. Gameplay tied to the character Eleven would be ability-based and characters like Chief Hopper have more realistic combat. The characters all have the same goal, but their methods to reach that goal varies differently, which may result in disjointed gameplay that would be difficult to market.

Games that have multiple playable characters with distinct settings and combat such as Telltale: Game of Thrones or Heavy Rain, has gameplay take a backseat in order to focus more on story. A Stranger Things video game that takes this route might not work, since a story-based medium for Stranger Things already exists in TV.

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