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The Flash and Kid Flash Team Up in New Season Three Trailer


The Flash and Kid Flash Team Up in New Season Three Trailer

Barry Allen who?!

A brand new extended trailer for the third season of The Flash has been released, granting us a sneak peek at the dynamic relationship that will unfold between Barry Allen’s The Flash and Wally West’s Kid Flash.

In this season, Barry Allen gets sent to another reality after saving his mother’s life at the end of season 2.

Everything and everyone he knows has changed, with Iris barely recognizing her childhood friend/romantic interest, and Wally West being this timeline’s version of The Flash. Or as Barry and the general comic book continuity like to call him: Kid Flash.

In addition to the above, we also see Barry gathering his trusted S.T.A.R.-labs team and working together with Kid Flash to fight off The Rival, as well as the original Scarlet Speedster losing his memories and powers as a result of running himself back into the friendzone. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse.

The Flash returns to The CW come October 4.

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