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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get the Exotic Sword Young Wolf’s Howl


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get the Exotic Sword Young Wolf’s Howl

A stylish new sword.

The Young Wolf’s Howl – Exotic Sword

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“To the first of the new Iron Lords.” – Lord Saladin

The Young Wolf’s Howl is a new Exotic Sword that is actually a quest reward in Destiny: Rise of Iron. In order to obtain this badass looking weapon you simply need to beat the main DLC questline: Rise of Iron. You’ll have to battle across Earth and Mars before coming up against some Remnants of the Iron Lords. Once complete, you will automatically be taken back to Felwinter Peak where a cutscene will play and your new weapon will be granted to you.

The Young Wolf’s Howl comes with a base Light Level of 340, making it most likely stronger than what you already have. Here’s what perks it holds:

Primary Perks

  • Sword Strike – Use R1/RB to attack with the Sword
  • Solar-Forced Guard – Use L2/LT to guard. Effective against Arc and Void attacks, less effective against Solar attacks.
  • Infuse – Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Selectable Perk 1

  • Tempered Light – Increased Armor when wielding the sword.

Selectable Perk 2

  • Scabbard – Increases Sword Ammo Capacity
  • Thrive by the Sword – Kills with the sword grant Super energy.

Selectable Perk 3

  • Howling Flames – Use R2/RT to unleash a fiery Solar eruption that weakens enemies and deals damage over time.

Selectable Perk 4

  • Scabbard – Increases Sword Ammo Capacity
  • Warrior of Light – Increased damage for Howling Flames.


  • The Wolves Remember
  • Born in Fire

Enjoy your new sword in Destiny: Rise of Iron and safe travels, Guardian.

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