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Top 10 Best Destiny: Rise of Iron Exotic Armor Pieces


Top 10 Best Destiny: Rise of Iron Exotic Armor Pieces

What a Guardian wears says a lot about their Legend.

Ophidian Aspect (Warlock)

ophidian aspect destiny

“Have I the aspic in my lips?”

Ophidian Aspect is easily one of the best exotic armor options for Voidwalker Warlocks thanks to its primary perk, Viper Totemic. This improves Energy Drain, readies weapons more quickly, and has a much faster reload for all of your weapons. That means you can heal off of melees more efficiently and spend less time outside of battle due to a steady stream of fire. That single perk alone would make a Voidwalker a nightmare to confront, but this armor’s other perks help a lot as well.

The third upgrade option allows you to choose between faster melee speed or bonus grenade energy on melee attacks. The fourth provides the option of increased grenade distance or bonus melee energy on grenade hits. Most armors offer those perks on kills only, so the fact that a hit is enough to help keep you charged shouldn’t be underestimated. The Ophidian Aspect arms are useful in both PvE and PvP, and that’s quite impressive.

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