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5 Gaming Companies That Did DLC Right


5 Gaming Companies That Did DLC Right

DLC done right.

CD Projekt Red

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When The Witcher 3 released last year, CD Projekt Red came out with a rather impressive statement regarding future content for the huge open world fantasy RPG. Rather than releasing small additional bits of content at a cost to the player, they instead opted to just release all of this over a number of weeks following the game’s release for free.

This still hasn’t changed. Even if you’re just about to start your Witcher adventure tonight, you can pick up a range of quests, outfits, armor, horse armor, and every other microtransaction-like product for free. In terms of more substantial DLC for The Witcher 3, CDPR released Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. While Hearts of Stone is a little shorter, the price reflects it and still offers great value for money. At $9.99 and $19.99 for easily another 50 hours of content, and no charges for that horse armor you always wanted, CD Projekt Red nailed DLC and showed how much they appreciate their fans in the process.

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