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10 Ways the iPhone 7 Is Great… But Also Terrible


10 Ways the iPhone 7 Is Great… But Also Terrible

The good… and the not so good

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Innovative EarPods… But No Headphone Jack
iPhone 7, great, bad

We’re all for seeking innovation in technology, but the EarPods connection via the iPhone 7’s lightning port has even us a little skeptical. These are the same EarPods that you know and love from the previous iPhones, but that old headphone jack has gone and instead, these use the same lightning port used to charge your phone. With the removal of the old port, Apple has room to add new technologies like their haptic response chip, camera tech, and stereo sound without requiring a larger phone. Unfortunately, not everyone’s on board with losing their old headphone jacks.

While the also announced AirPods suggest Apple is planning a completely wireless solution in future iterations, for now, we’re stuck with a half-way mark, which has its own complication, the 3.5mm adapter…

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