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The First 10 Things Everyone Will Do in No Man’s Sky


The First 10 Things Everyone Will Do in No Man’s Sky

So much to do in such a huge world.

Zoom out on the Map


Let’s all be honest. Despite having seen Sean Murray zoom out on the map a few times in on-stage gameplay demos, we won’t believe the sheer size of the explorable galaxy in No Man’s Sky until we’ve done it for ourselves. After all, the quest to the center of the galaxy can’t take that long, right?

With over a billion planets in its huge galaxy for players to explore (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be precise), No Man’s Sky’s open area is huge and is one of the key features of the game that has players so excited. Though games have had huge expansive areas of terrain before, nothing has quite tried to be on the same scale as No Man’s Sky and it’s all thanks to its procedurally-generated world. Now that you’ve zoomed out and seen the entirety of your play area in space, it’s time to narrow our sights down and start small…

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