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The Best Game of July 2016


The Best Game of July 2016

Which game reigned supreme this month?

Honorable Mention #1: Headlander

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Associate Edtior Chris Jecks: Headlander isn’t your ordinary side-scroller. It’s not an overly lengthy affair, nor does it have an abundance of different abilities to utilize on your journey through its 1970s-styled sci-fi world. What it does have, however, is charm, humor, and compelling gameplay by the bucket load

Headlander sees the player assume the role of one of three disembodied heads that awaken on the Starcophagus ship and try to put a stop to the evil AI, Methuselah. Tasked with freeing humanity from the enslaving reign of said artificial intelligence, you’ll have to pull the heads off a variety of different robots and assume control of their bodies in order to progress through increasing levels of ‘color security’ guarding Methuselah.

Though the side-scrolling action largely has you navigating a sprawling maze of corridors and battling these Shepherd robot enemies, it’s the moments away from these familiar walls that are the most enjoyable. Disengaging a number of different lift locks, and battling it out in a weird robot spin on the game of chess were highlights which married the rich character of the world with the gameplay perfectly.

If you’re seeking a game that is fun, challenging and oozing with charm and that classic Double Fine humor, then look no further.


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