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Top 5 Best Steam Sales of the Week (August 8, 2016)


Top 5 Best Steam Sales of the Week (August 8, 2016)

Looking for something cheap this week? Here are your best options.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

sherlock holmes the devil's daughter

35% off Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter, lowering its price from $44.99 to $29.24.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter slightly deviates from its traditional detective gameplay by implementing some action-heavier sequences. While far from bad, its changes aren’t always for the better, but luckily there is still plenty of engrossing deducting to do with an intriguing and more personal psychological story that’ll keep you coming back until its conclusion.

With mostly positive reviews, we’d recommend this game if you personally love Sherlock Holmes in any form of media, ranging from the traditional books to the more modern BBC hit series. Its action sequences definitely feel a bit forced, but the exquisite puzzle solving and story telling that fills the large gaps between those sequences is what saves this latest game in Frogware’s Sherlock Holmes series.

If you’re still on the edge about The Devil’s Daughter, waiting a bit longer may not be that bad of an idea. The title is still quite recent, meaning larger discounts are bound to follow sooner rather than later.

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