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No Man’s Sky: What’s At the Center of the Universe?


No Man’s Sky: What’s At the Center of the Universe?

No Man’s Sky has a lot of things going on, but your primary objective in Hello Games’ latest title is to make it to the center of the impossibly large universe. The need to know just what lies beyond the stores has everyone racing and itching to know what lies in wait for them.


While one ending to Hello Games’ latest title has long been discovered, the ending concerning the very center of the game took a bit more time. This was due to the fact that players had to travel well over 150,000 light years in order to reach this goal, which is no small feat. But finally, nearly two weeks after the release of No Man’s Sky, the center has been reached… and it’s not exactly what players expected. Reaching the center provides a brand new discovery: a new galaxy in a new dimension. You’ll get to watch a short scene as you race away from the center you’d been chasing only to be rushed towards a brand new one.

After the scene ends, players will be introduced to a very familiar scene. You’ll awaken on a new planet with your ship wrecked and most of your gear broken. You’ll still retain all of your upgrades and knowledge, so that’s good. But it’s time to do it all over again. Maybe the center of this new galaxy will house something different. Who knows.

Be sure to check back in for updates, as everyone moves closer to No Man’s Sky’s biggest goal. As everyone works hard to reach it, though, you should check out our constantly growing wiki for other news, tips, tricks, guides, and information.

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