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5 Ways to Avoid No Man’s Sky Over-Hype


5 Ways to Avoid No Man’s Sky Over-Hype

Too much excitement can be a bad thing.

Avoid Leaked Gameplay

no man's sky

There are a few gameplay videos floating around on the internet that depict some of the open-ended exploration you’ll be able to participate in once No Man’s Sky rolls around. This can generate a lot of internal hype, as watching others enter into combat or exit a planet’s atmosphere will only get your mind racing about the possibilities.

It can be difficult to avoid watching a game you’re waiting for, especially if it’s one of your most anticipated of the year, but it’s best to do so at all costs. If you’re going to watch gameplay, watch it for a different game that comes out later in the year or next year. If you simply must watch something that has to deal with No Man’s Sky, watch discussions about the game instead of gameplay. See what Sean Murray has to say about Hello Games’ aspirations for the daunting project and let that sink in. While that still will generate excitement too, it’s hype that’s measured and based solely on information rather than watching beautiful colors and huge explosions fill your screen.

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