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Black Panther’s Solo Movie Will Take Place Right After Civil War’s End

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Black Panther

Black Panther’s Solo Movie Will Take Place Right After Civil War’s End

Welcome to Wakanda.

When Captain America: Civil War released earlier this year, a lot of people agreed that Black Panther nearly stole the show. Chadwick Boseman killed it as T’Challa, and the film largely served as his origin story, which is what a lot of people speculated would be saved until his solo film. While his solo movie isn’t due for another two years, screenwriter Joe Robert Cole offered some details on the film.

Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War if you haven’t seen it yet.

T’Challa’s solo venture, according to Cole, will take place “shortly after” the end of Civil War. After Captain America (Chris Evans) beats Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), T’Challa takes him and his wounded friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) to the secretive African nation of Wakanda along with the rest of the captured Avengers. Barnes, not convinced that he can’t be activated again, opts to go into cryostasis provided by Wakandan tech. T’Challa will still be mourning the death of his father, but he’ll also start to “take command as king of his own nation.”

Threats will be affecting things from inside and outside the country, two of which will be Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Kilmonger and Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia. In addition to the threats, the movie will center on the country’s prominence, which will supposedly “affect the MCU going forward, which is really exciting”.

Black Panther comes to theaters on February 16, 2018.

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