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Android 7.0 (Nougat): How to Download


Android 7.0 (Nougat): How to Download

It’s gonna take some time

You may have seen recently that Google has officially released Android 7.0. The new OS update brings a bunch of new features to Android users alongside a number of improved security features. While this may all sound great, you may be having problems trying to download the update.

This is because even though Google has released Android 7.0, your phone’s manufacturer now needs to prepare it for their own version of the Android platform. This isn’t necessarily the case for owners of Android One and Nexus phones, however, as these run the stock Android operating system which is rolled out by Google.

If you’re running one of these smartphones that operate on stock Android, you should find that the update is available to you within the next week or two. For those of you using the likes of a Samsung, HTC, or LG phone, you’ll want to check out this page here detailing roughly when you can expect it to arrive on your phone.

Having looked at that, you should then find that your phone will automatically notify you that a new update is available for you to download via your notification bar. Once you see the little phone with the arrow flicking upward, simply drag down the notification center and select to install the update. The update process can take quite a while so make sure you don’t need to use your phone for a good 15-20 minutes. Once it boots back up you should be running the slick new version of Android.

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