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10 Console Exclusive Games Just Dying to Get PC Ports


10 Console Exclusive Games Just Dying to Get PC Ports

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Platinum Games, Bayonetta, Xbox, PlayStation

When Bayonetta first got launched on consoles in 2010, Platinum Games proved themselves once again with this highly stylish and fast paced hack-n-slash title. It may take quite some queues from the Devil May Cry series in its general style and tone, but Bayonetta is a weirdly wonderful title that manages to stand out on its own with its strong combat system, inspired character design and oddly engaging story.

A sequel was released in 2015 as a Wii U exclusive title, which was a decision that rubbed most fans the wrong way. There are no plans of Bayonetta 2 making its way to next-gen systems, but since Platinum Games has already proven they can properly port titles to the PC, most of the PC gaming crowd would already settle for the original.

While Bayonetta’s smooth visual finesse still shines on last-gen consoles, the title could vastly benefit from a PC’s power. Enhanced textures, increased framerate, added particle effects and higher resolutions are just some of the reasons why it would feel right at home on a computer screen. Besides, the PC crowd is severely lacking some decent hack-n-slash games.

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