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Top 5 Easiest June PlayStation Trophies and Platinums


Top 5 Easiest June PlayStation Trophies and Platinums

All about that platinum.

Minecraft: Story Mode- Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery

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June saw the release of the sixth episode of Telltale Games’ Minecraft: Story Mode. Titled ‘A Portal to Mystery’ the latest episode continues the story of Jesse and his friends find themselves in another strange new world full of zombies. Invited into a spooky mansion to take refuge from said zombies, they find themselves investigating a mystery within the mansion, helping characters voiced by some huge Minecraft YouTubers. DanTDM, Stacy Plays, and CaptainSparklez along with a few more all find themselves thrown into the action.

Episode six may not feature a platinum of its own, but it does offer up six incredibly easy trophies in classic Telltale Games fashion. Three bronze, two silver, and one gold trophy are for the taking and all you have to do is complete the episode. You can check out the full trophy list here.

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