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Top 3 Best FPS Games of 2016 So Far


Top 3 Best FPS Games of 2016 So Far

The perfect aim.


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id Software’s return to the Doom franchise in May of this year was welcomed with open arms by critics and players alike. Doom’s frantic action focused on you taking down waves upon waves of demons as you fought your way down to the depths of Hell and back. With gore by the bucketload, tight controls, and some clean, polished visuals, Doom was the return to the franchise that fans had always wanted.

Of course, with it being a Bethesda game, there were plenty of little easter eggs hidden in there too. And for those looking for a real challenge, the Ultra Nightmare mode tasks you with going through ridiculously strong versions of the demon waves all without dying. You think you’re good at FPS games’? Doom will put your skills to the test.

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