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RimWorld: What to Do With Visitors


RimWorld: What to Do With Visitors

Visitors are random NPCs that stroll into your colony in RimWorld. They can appear at any time, and often do little more than enjoy the fruits of your labor. While some may consider these individuals to be nothing but an annoyance, they’re actually quite useful in the grand scheme of things, especially if you want to survive.

Visitors have no defined purpose, they’re just there, roaming about. You can ignore them if you’d like, as they won’t go out of their way to attack you or anything of the sort. In fact, they only attack hostile elements, such as the mechanoids you’ll have constant run-ins with throughout RimWorld. In that sense, they serve as a sort of shield, protecting you from the menaces that roam the world (which is a pretty solid use of these wanderers). If you don’t want to use them solely as meat shields though, you have other options.

For one, they can be recruited, bolstering the population of your colony and providing a useful workforce. If you want to use them in a different way, you can always harvest their organs (seriously). They’re worth quite a bit and their skin can be used for other things as well. You can even eat them if you feel that’s what you really need to do.

Finally, their items are transferable. So if they have a weapon you want, you can just take it and give it to one of your own colonists. Not too shabby.

For now, these are the uses for Visitors. It will be interesting to see if the RimWorld developers decide to give them a bit more purpose in the grand scheme of things.

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