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PS4K vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Has You Excited?


PS4K vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Has You Excited?

Time to upgrade ya.

As it stands right now, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is in the lead sales-wise when compared to the Xbox One by nearly 2:1. Positive marketing along with capitalizing on the competition’s mistakes helped catapult Sony’s latest home console into an early, and quite significant, lead. Since then, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has been steering the ship back onto a solid course, and the console has been gaining much more favorable attention.

ps4k neo xbox scropio

But, with the gap between the PS4 and the Xbox One being incredibly large, both companies are now looking to the next round, and that’s when the upgraded consoles come in. On Sony’s side you have the PS4K, while Microsoft’s camp is working on the recently announced Project Scorpio. It’s become very clear that each company is planning on approaching gaming on different fronts, so which upgraded console will prove to be a better option for players?

To answer that question, we decided to take a look at what we know about each of the upcoming pieces of hardware to help you decide what fits you best. 

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