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Pokemon GO: How to Throw a Curveball


Pokemon GO: How to Throw a Curveball

Pokemon GO is out and is tasking trainers all over the world with catching ’em all. In order to do so, you’l need to keep leveling up through earning XP. Here’s how to earn a little bit more by throwing a curved Pokeball.

When you encounter a Pokemon, and the Poke Ball appears at the bottom of the screen all you need to do is hold your finger down on the Poke Ball and start making circular motions on your screen in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Eventually, you should see the Poke Ball begin to spin and sparkle a little. At this point, you’re ready to throw and this is when the tricky part begins.

You see, with a curveball, as the name suggests, it’s not just going to keep going in a straight line as a regular throw would. Instead, you need to account for the curve that you’ve put on the ball. The best method we’ve found of doing this is to let go of the ball at around the 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock position (assuming that the Pokemon is directly in front of you). With any luck you’ll hit the Pokemon and you’ll have pulled off the curveball throw.

With your new captured ‘mon, you’ll get all of the regular rewards for catching one, as well as an extra 10 XP bonus for pulling off a curveball.

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