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Naruto Online: How to Get Stamina


Naruto Online: How to Get Stamina

Stamina is easily your most important resource in Naruto Online as it’s what allows players to participate in missions and go on quests. Without Stamina, you can only do the basic things like fight random world enemies and explore general areas.

Players start with a full pool of Stamina, but as it depletes it becomes difficult to get more. There are two ways that you can refill that bar, keeping you in Naruto Online a bit longer. The first method is to wait. You will get one Stamina every six minutes (so 10 per hour, enough for one mission), and that will stop once you hit 150. You also get 100 every day at 5 AM. You can only hold a max of 350, though, so keep that in mind and use it.

The second way is with items. Players can obtain Stamina Potions as rewards for playing, allowing them to fill up a bit of that meter when they really need some. These potions come in different sizes. Small ones grant 10 points while standard ones grant 50 (which is quite a lot).

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