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How Much Money Will You Spend on Video Games in Q4?


How Much Money Will You Spend on Video Games in Q4?

Give yourself the joy of a few brand new games this holiday season.

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The fourth quarter (Q4) of the calendar year isn’t regularly known as that, but is instead better understood as the holiday season. Between October to December, publishers will be trying to launch what they hope to be their big games in the hope they’ll be the biggest holiday title. Last year saw Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Star Wars: Battlefront dominate the charts, each game selling over 10 million units. It’s always tempting to open our wallets and grab every possible game, but how much will the holiday season really cost you?

Before we continue, the prices are list prices from Amazon, and are only for games with release dates for 2016 so far. There are several anticipated games, such as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Prologue and Telltale’s Batman series that are due out this year, but as of this time do not have official release dates. So keep in mind, your costs could grow this holiday season.

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