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5 Games That Did DLC Flat Out Wrong


5 Games That Did DLC Flat Out Wrong

Let’s hope these DLC practices don’t continue…

The Saboteur

The Saboteur, DLC

The Saboteur may have been a fun action romp set during World War II, but it also had one of the strangest DLC situations any game has ever run into. In the game, the player often finds themselves visiting a cabaret where the women are, well, less than clothed. There is no nudity however, unless the player downloads and installs the Midnight Show DLC, which renders all women in the club completely topless. It also added brothels to the city which allow the player to hide among, yeah you guessed it, more topless women.

The Midnight Show was available as a free download to anyone who bought the game new and $3 for anyone who did not. It came off as an odd way to incentivize players to purchase the game brand new or to defer people from pirating the game. In the end, it didn’t really manage to do either and is instead remembered as that one time EA made players spend money to see nudity.

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