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Top 10 Best Superhero Games to Live Out Your Fantasies


Top 10 Best Superhero Games to Live Out Your Fantasies

Hero time!

X-Men Legends II

The X-Men have the most video game worthy setup of any established superhero team. A collection of people with a wide variety of powers who all know each other and can pull off amazing combos is exactly what we got with the first X-Men Legends game, so it only stands to reason that Rise of Apocalypse blows this concept out of the water.

Success here lies in its most simple concept, which is giving the Children of the Atom a reason to partner with their archenemies the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Apocalypse is pretty much one of the only guys who could get these two groups to get along and quit hitting each other, and while the story doesn’t really play this up much outside of some mission briefing cutscenes, it still feels important to have a team of X-Men and Brotherhood fighting bad guys.

There’s sadly not enough of the villains you can control, though the ones that are available are consistently fun throughout; who would’ve thought that playing Toad would be so cool? Some of the cast may be used more during playthroughs than others, but there’s a good enough spread of powers and moves to where it’s not that big of a deal. It genuinely feels like you’re playing through a comic book event that stretches across multiple series, albeit one that has dodgy voice acting and some clipping issues. Whether it’s by yourself or with your buddies, this game is probably a better vehicle for Apocalypse than the actual movie that came out not too long ago. 

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