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ReCore Dev: Fans Will “Definitely” Feel Elements of Megaman and Metroid


ReCore Dev: Fans Will “Definitely” Feel Elements of Megaman and Metroid

Fans of those classic platformers should feel right at home.

ReCore, one of the Xbox One’s big holiday season exclusives, is being created by Keiji Inafune, the original designer of Megaman. Considering that ReCore is also a shooter from Inafune, it’s fair to wonder whether the game will pull some pages from the Megaman playbook.

Twinfinite had the opportunity to speak the game’s lead writer Joseph Staten during E3, and he spoke a bit about what games have influenced ReCore, and how Inafune’s past work plays in. When asked about whether or not fans would see elements of Inafune’s previous work, Staten had this to say:

“I think so yeah. We think about it a lot really. Those classic games, Megaman, and Metroid as well. Just the way that they controlled and the precision that you had, we want that same crisp classic feel to be in ReCore as well. But it’s also a more modern game in a 3d engine, with a lot more gameplay mixed in and a lot more systems. But I think anyone who enjoyed that style of gameplay, that pure fun of platforming and adventuring, will definitely feel that when they pick up ReCore for sure.”

If you’ve been keeping with the latest gameplay, or had the opportunity to read our hands-on preview from E3, that comparison makes sense. ReCore is very much about fast-paced shooting and quick rapid movements to stay one step ahead of the fray, so the comparison to Megaman makes sense. The Metroid comment could be interpreted  as a reference to feeling of the gameplay, or perhaps the mixing and matching of cores and frames could open up new, previously inaccessible areas in the game’s world. We won’t know for sure until we see some more extended gameplay.

We’ll be able to see exactly how that will end up playing out when ReCore launches on Sept. 13 later this year exclusively for Xbox One.

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