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Top 10 Best Game Boy Games to Honor its 30th Birthday


Top 10 Best Game Boy Games to Honor its 30th Birthday

Top 10 Best Games on the Game Boy, in Honor of Its 30th Birthday

Pokemon (Series)

The first Pokemon games that started it all introduced players to Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and other famous Pokemon such as Pikachu and Mewtwo. Who knew that this little Game Boy JRPG would go on to sell gangbusters almost thirty years later.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link wakes up, washed up on the beach of a mysterious town only to find out that there is a huge sleeping Wind Fish inside of an egg on a mountain that must be awoken. This bizarre Zelda spin-off even had Chain Chomps and Goombas from the Mario series making it ever so memorable.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was the first time that Mario’s nemesis Wario was ever in a video game. He was the main villain of the game, taking over Mario’s castle and leaving him to fight six of his lackeys. The levels were also very wacky and the game allowed you to play each stage in any order you wanted.


Can we all agree that Tetris is probably the worlds most famous and most perfect puzzle game of all time? The game essentially hasn’t changed ever since its debut, besides little quality of life touch-ups. Stacking up blocks and completing lines just never gets old.

Kiby’s Dream Land

How could we leave the debut of our favorite pink ball of fun off from this list? Everything that you see in Kirby’s Dream Land, from the fight with the tree to the way you inhale enemies, all makes up what Kirby is today. The simple 2D platformer made us fall in love with Kirby for the first time.

Wario Land (Series)

After making his appearance in Super Mario Land, Nintendo thought it would be fitting to make a platforming series with Wario as the main character. Instead of fast platforming like Mario, Wario’s game took things a bit slower and introduced some pretty cool mechanics.

Mega Man V

Mega Man V is on the Game Boy is pretty much on par with its NES counterparts. The Game Boy controls were simple as ever, allowing anyone to attempt to defeat all of the evil robot bosses.

Pokemon Pinball

The Game Boy cartridge for Pokemon Pinball came with rumble features, shaking the entire Game Boy when special events occurred in the game. It was novel and combined two of our favorite things together: Pokemon and Pinball.

Metroid II: Return of Samus

Metroid II brings Samus back into the bounty hunter role, but this time, she’s tasked with killing several Metroid scattered around the map. Towards the end, a baby Metroid imprints on Samus, making her believe that she is the mother of the baby. The story was quite surprising for a game like this, and soon the story would be continued with Super Metroid on the SNES.

Donkey Kong Land

While taking a small graphical hit due to the nature of the Game Boy’s lower power compared to the SNES, Donkey Kong Land still proved to be just as fun as Donkey Kong Country, even in 8-bit.

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