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Grand Theft Auto V: How to Save

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Grand Theft Auto V: How to Save

The world of Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos is huge and sprawling with a ton of activities to do. You’ll find yourself spending a ton of time there, but unfortunately, the time will come that you’ll have to save your game and do some stuff in the real world, here’s how to do that.

Saving your game in GTA V is quite simple with there being two options to do so. First, you can quick save your game by bringing up your cell phone by pressing Up on the directional pad. When you’ve brought the cell phone menu up, simply go to the symbol of the cloud with the arrow in it and click on this. This will quick save your game, which won’t make time move forward at all, and all of your characters will stay in the same place they are at that very moment.

The other option you have to save your game is by going to the nearest safehouse in Los Santos. When you’re inside, make your way to the bed and you should see a prompt to press Right on the directional pad to sleep and save your game. By saving your game this way, time will skip forward a few hours and the other two characters may move around the world.

And that’s all there is to saving your game in Grand Theft Auto V. Now carry on exploring the city of Los Santos!

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