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FIFA 16: How to Choose Your Own Country

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FIFA 16: How to Choose Your Own Country

Represent your country.

Aside from the standard way of choosing your country in FIFA 16, by scrolling through the list of international teams until you reach yours, you can connect your national team to your account just as you would for any club team. The benefits of doing this include the menus being themed around your team, and the national team being the first that appears when you open ‘Kick Off’ mode.

Linking your national team to your FIFA 16 account is simple. From the main menu, scroll along to the ‘customize’ tab and then enter the ‘profile’ section of the menu. Next, enter the ‘profile manager’ area where you will be shown your accounts and the previously set options for each one. Choosing the account you want to alter will allow you to change the options below. Then, choose ‘favorite team’, which will take you to a scrolling menu of teams, similar to the one in ‘Kick Off’ mode. The top tab will let you scroll along to the international teams and then you can choose your favorite national team.

To check that it has worked correctly, return to the main menu and enter the ‘Kick Off’ mode. After you have assigned controllers, the team that will appear first will be your assigned national team, if it has worked correctly. Your country’s team is now connected to your FIFA 16 account.

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