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Fallout 4 Is Proof That Modding Is What Consoles Need Right Now


Fallout 4 Is Proof That Modding Is What Consoles Need Right Now

Fallout 4 may be the game changer.

Modding has been a staple of the PC gaming community for almost as long as anyone can recollect. A healthy modding scene can sustain a game well past its initial launch year as usually only someone’s creativity is the limit to what you can add. There has always been a healthy community focused around modding, but this is something that has never truly made it’s way to consoles. Though modding isn’t just to add bite-size content, it can lead to the entire creation of new franchises such as Day Z or DOTA.

Sure, people have altered or hacked into the system, but it’s incredibly rare for any title to allow their users complete freedom to alter it on any platform other than a computer. Though this could have something to do with the actual power of our last-gen systems, the entire concept of modding on our consoles never really caught fire until recently. This is obviously thanks to Bethesda and their announcement back at the last year’s E3 that Fallout 4 would allow mods on their console versions.

Fallout 4

While this may not sound like a big deal to a PC user, the idea of receiving a plethora of high-end mods for a AAA game is pretty much unheard of. Titles like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and Skyrim have a massive, thriving community that has been supported by a healthy stream of mods. This was only boosted by Valve introducing the Steam Workshop, which is basically a virtual storefront for any prospective gamer looking to add to their favorite titles. Yet here on consoles, we are just beginning to experiment with this idea and one can only predict that it will be a massive success.

By allowing mods into their titles, Bethesda is giving players the freedom and creativity to enhance their gameplay and experiences within Fallout 4. There is already a wealth of mods for players on Xbox One to choose from, such as the famous Macho Man Deathclaws and the deceptively useful Campsite. All of these and more can easily extend the life of Fallout 4 for years to come, which can help sustain a healthy, engaged community. However, Bethesda adding mods to Fallout 4 isn’t just ideal for their title but the entire industry itself.

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