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Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized


Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized

Here’s what happens.

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Crazy Treasure (Uncharted 4’s Chapters 20-22)

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Finally, Nate and Elena make it to Sam, who’s escaped from Nadine and Rafe. Sully meets up with all of them to lead them to the getaway plane. Sam is reluctant to leave, being so close to the treasure he’s pined for since childhood. All they need to do is go to the middle of the island where Henry Avery’s boat of treasure is likely hidden. Though they all try to convince him to leave while he’s alive, Sam’s stubbornness gets the best of him, and he makes off towards treasure alone. Nate, Sully, and Elena all know that he’ll get himself killed, and so head after him. Unfortunately, a large fence leaves only Nate able to proceed with chasing Sam down.

Nate makes it to the docks hidden under the mountain, where he overhears Nadine and Rafe having a confrontation. Sam stole one of their boats to sail to Avery’s ship, and Nadine, believing the ship to be rigged with traps, says it’s time to call it quits. Almost all of her henchmen have died, they’ve already retrieved a good deal of treasure, and she kind of feels Sam deserves the damn treasure for his tenacity. Rafe, on the other hand, isn’t having any of that shit. They pull guns on each other, but it turns out that Rafe has bought off Nadine’s men. Mercenary loyalty lies wherever the money is. Reluctantly, she agrees to continue on and they hop on a boat to head to Avery’s ship.

Nate legs it to where Avery’s ship himself, and he hears a massive explosion come from within. Making his way inside, he finds all of the treasure from Libertalia, as well as Rafe. Rafe points out that Sam, still alive, is buried under a wooden beam. He confiscates Nate’s weapons and, as he’s pointing his gun right at Nate, suddenly gets held up by Nadine from behind. She takes his gun and walks out of the room. She then points out, being a beacon of reason, that Avery and Tew are dead right in that very room. Their greed led them to kill each other over their treasure, and anyone that seeks it gets what’s coming to them. Nadine walks off with their guns and locks the door behind herself, not giving a damn what happens to them.

Rafe bangs on the door to no avail, and in turn, Nate says that they can all get out of there, he just needs help freeing Sam. Of course, being insane, Rafe grabs one of the dead pirate leaders’ swords and brandishes it at Nate. His jealousy of the “legendary Nathan Drake” has driven him off the edge. Despite being born into massive fortune, Rafe’s always just wanted the adventurer fame, and now, he just wants to see both Drakes dead.

A fierce swordfight ensues as the ship burns up around them, and Nate gets cornered on the ground. But, being the clever guy that he is, Nate slashes a rope that’s holding a giant net of treasure right above Rafe’s head, instantly squishing his psychopath opponent.

Nate runs to Sam to try and get the beam off of him. It seems hope is a little lost, though, because it’s impossible for them to move. Sam asks Nate to go on without him, because all he ever wanted was to find Avery’s treasure with his brother. Nate suddenly gets an idea, heads over to a cannon in the room, aims it at the floor, and lights it. The shot rips open a massive hole in the ground which in turn fills the room up with water. This gives them the ability to lift the beam, and they both make it out of the ship and off the island with Sully and Elena.

Once back in civilization, the team parts ways. Nate and Elena give Sam a loving goodbye, and head back to the States on a normal, commercial airline. Sully and Sam, meanwhile, partner up for a job Sully has planned.

Flash forward a bit of time to Nate, back at the salvaging company’s office, toiling away at paperwork. Jameson walks in and is smiling from ear to ear. He’s decided to retire and informs Nate that he’s selling the business. When Nate asks who the buyer is, Jameson replies that it’s Nate. Elena shows up, and it turns out she’s behind all of this. They’re buying the company using treasure that she found in her jacket pockets (placed there by Sam). And she even managed to get the permits needed for the Malaysia job. Things end on a high note for their relationship and future as legal treasure hunters.

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