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Top 10 ‘WTF’ Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Series


Top 10 ‘WTF’ Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Series

Such a lust for revenge!

The Metal Gear Solid games are very serious games. It’s a series where we talk about the dangers of nuclear warfare, the plight of soldiers, as well as issues surrounding government censorship. It’s a very smart series of games that likes talking about the ‘deep’ issues, and it’s one of the few series that treats both male and female characters very equally.


The Metal Gear Solid games also enjoy messing with your mind, allowing you to go on super kawaii dates with your men, and take the pants off some of its characters, because why not? We’ve taken the time to narrow down 10 of the craziest ‘WTF’ moments in the series, so here they are.

Do be warned that this article contains spoilers from all the games in the series, including the latest entry, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Enjoy.

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