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Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Tracer


Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Tracer

Man, she’s fast.

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Chances are you’ve seen this hero a million times already. While Blizzard has made an effort to give all of the heroes their time to shine in the spotlight, there’s just something about this spunky offensive character that draws fans in. She’s fairly easy to use, making her a go-to for a lot of players. But, for those who have to go up against her, she’s a nightmare in the arena.

Tracer is best defined by one trait: speed. She is incredibly fast, and that’s bolstered by her Blink and Recall abilities. Blink allows her to make a short teleportation dash in a straight line up to three times in a row. One second she’s across the room, next she’s right in your face dumping plasma rounds into your gaping maw. That ability to quickly appear and escape makes her a tough one to pin down.

If you do manage to get the drop on her, her Recall ability lets her teleport to wherever she was three seconds ago, with the same health and ammo she had at that time. Managed to pop in behind her? She can rewind and end up directly behind you in a flash as she proceeds to plant a Pulse Bomb on your back.

The unpredictable nature of a character such as Tracer can be pretty intimidating, but if you know how to approach her, you can pick her off with ease.

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