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One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Use Haki to Counter Logia Users

burning blood

One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Use Haki to Counter Logia Users

The spirit of a warrior.

One Piece: Burning Blood mixes up many of the strongest fighters from the manga and anime to make things interesting. That means there are pirates, marines, and Devil Fruit eaters of different types. One of the most dangerous types of Devil Fruit eaters are Logia types. These individuals can turn their bodies to elements making them invincible for short periods of time.

The only way to fight a Logia user who has unleashed their power is to use Haki. Luckily, One Piece: Burning Blood allows players to use this ability to stop these powerful warriors from dominating the arena.

To use Haki is actually quite simple. When an opponent decides to unleash their Logia abilities (you’ll notice because their body’s composition will change and your attacks go right through them), switch to solely special abilities. To use these hold down L1/LB and hit one of the attack buttons. These don’t drain any meter but, depending on who you’re using, they can be quite slow. However, they are 100% guaranteed to damage Logias in One Piece: Burning Blood.

Check back in for more guides, tips, and tricks for One Piece: Burning Blood.

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