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Get Saints Row IV, Dead Island GOTY Edition, and More in The Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2


Get Saints Row IV, Dead Island GOTY Edition, and More in The Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2

Lots of Deep Silver goodies to sink into here.

Humble Bundle has announced their new package of goodies, the second Humble Deep Silver Bundle. The bundle packs together some of the best that the publisher has to offer, even titles that were published by THQ in the past, like Saints Row The Third.

The complete list reads as follows: when paying $1 or more, you’ll get Sacred 3 Gold, Risen, Risen 2: Waters Gold Edition, Saints Row 2, and Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition.

If you pay more than the current average of $3.40, you’ll also receive Dead Island: Riptide Complete Edition, Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition, and Saints Row The Third: Complete Package. You’ll also get a 75% off coupon for Dead Island Definitive Collection (a current-gen remaster of Dead Island and Riptide). And finally, if you pay $13, you’ll get the two bonus games Saints Row IV and Risen 3 Titan Lords. Every purchase is good for one Steam copy of the game.


The great thing about Humble Bundle is that the customer gets to choose how much of their money is split between the game developers, two charities of Humble Bundle’s choice, and even one more that they can choose on their own.

This time around, the two charities are Lions International (a charity that supplies aid and treatment to those in need), and GameChanger (which aims to help those diagnosed with cancer in the form of gaming and support). Here’s a video showing GameChangers visiting a children’s hospital for “Gamers Give Back” day last August.

What do you think of what the Deep Silver bundle has to offer?


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