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5 Mechanics Overwatch Just Nails Perfectly


5 Mechanics Overwatch Just Nails Perfectly

Overwatch has got IT.

Overwatch is finally out and is the hot new class-based shooter on the block. Bringing 21 Heroes to the fight, a charming visual style, and incredibly compelling gameplay, there are plenty of reasons to find yourself saying ‘just one more game.’ However, there is one area that Overwatch has just nailed above and beyond some of its other aspects, and that’s the game’s mechanics.

Overwatch, all heroes, reaper

We’re not talking about features here, although there are plenty of great ones in Overwatch too, but more the stuff that makes the game tick and play well. We’re talking about the fundamental parts of the game that make it stand out from all other games in the market. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the five mechanics that Overwatch has managed to nail perfectly.

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