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Here’s Every Actor Who Has Played an Avenger


Here’s Every Actor Who Has Played an Avenger

Tons of faces have played these heroes.

Captain America

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Starting off as a black and white movie back in the 1940’s, Captain America was first cast by Dick Purcell. Unlike many of the actors who play our favorite superheroes today, Purcell only played the famous American super soldier for one movie. Captain America would make his return over 30 years later with Reb Brown donning red white and blue outfit in the 1979 TV movies, Captain America, and Captain America II: Death Too Soon.

Matt Salinger then took the role for the 1990 Captain America movie, before Chris Evans assumed the role for seven different films so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with him set to star in a few more in the near future as well.

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