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Top 5 Most Annoying Enemies in Dark Souls III


Top 5 Most Annoying Enemies in Dark Souls III

These are the most annoying enemies in Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III is a game defined by its intimidating bosses and terrifying enemies, but sometimes those foes branch into far more frustrating categories. Dark Souls, and to a large extent Bloodborne, have always had a few enemies within their roster that are just painful to fight against. Now it’s important to understand that the sheer difficulty of fighting an enemy doesn’t instantly define it as an annoying foe. Many of the creatures in Dark Souls III are quite balanced and much of the challenge comes from taking the time to understand that particular enemy’s move set. We will not be including bosses or invaders as they are one-time encounters.

Dark Souls III

Yet, even with the communities rallying cry of “git gud” countering most of the claims towards Dark Souls III’s difficulty, there are still some enemies that make you want to snap the controller in half. Whether it’s through their ability to stun lock your character, employ some game-altering spell, or just be a complete nuisance to even hit, these are 5 of Dark Souls III’s most annoying enemies. Seriously, number 1 is just awful.

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