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Confirmed Modern Warfare Remastered Maps, and the Best That Need to Be Added


Confirmed Modern Warfare Remastered Maps, and the Best That Need to Be Added

Which maps will return?


crash map modern warfare call of duty

The first of the confirmed maps, Crash, is one of the most iconic maps from Modern Warfare. With a crashed helicopter in the middle of the map acting as an epicenter for the action, and a high rise giving fighters the option of different tactics, action took place in all areas of the map. The center of the map was a large open space but around the surrounding areas were small buildings that promoted the use of short range weaponry and were perfect for creeping around in the Search and Destroy mode. As one of the smaller maps in the game, it promoted fast play and it is no surprise that the iconic map will be included in the remastered version.


Backlot Call of Duty Modern Warfare Maps

Backlot is another obvious choice and one of the most iconic maps in the game. The varied locations, including the construction site at one end and the tactically placed heavy machine guns, allowed for different approaches in all modes. It is also a map that suits all kinds of weapons as the small buildings and pathways allowed for the use of shotguns and SMGs but the open center of the map, with broken buildings on opposite sides, made the use of snipers a viable option. Back in 2007/2008, at the height of the game’s popularity, Backlot was one of the favorite maps in the game for taking advantage of some small bugs. With some precision you could get to the top of the big building at the centre of the map, you could jump into the tree on the right of the picture above, or you could get on the otherwise unreachable balcony at one corner of the map. These bugs created hours of fun for friends in private matches.


call of duty modern warfare maps crossfire

Crossfire is another map that players frequently took advantage of in ‘Old-School’ mode. Fans will remember that jumping on the washing machine on the high-rise at the back corner of the map allowed you to reach the top of the building at the far end, giving you an advantage in long range fire fights. However, Crossfire was also excellent in normal modes. Groups of small rooms, with dozens of hiding spots, intersected by a wide straight road allowed for both long range and short range fights. It was also one of the biggest maps in the game, contrasting perfectly with the small maps such as Shipment and Vacant. Crossfire is an obvious choice.


bog call of duty modern warfare maps

Bog is one of the most recently confimed maps to be included Modern Warfare Remastered. It is an interesting map and certainly popular that closely adapts a mission from the campaign. The action tends to take one of two paths: either long range battles from each end of the map with one team hiding behind the large wall, or it will center around the mound in the middle of the map, with grenades coming from all angles. The darkness can help players in the slower paced modes but the openness of the map can make it frustrating to play. However, the darkness does give the map an atmosphere that is different from any other in the game, ensuring it stands out.


overgrown call of duty modern warfare maps

The last of the already confirmed maps, Overgrown always seemed to play out differently depending on the game mode. That sounds obvious, yes, but being one of the largest maps, sniping was often the first port of call, yet with so many enclosed spaces away from center, modes such as domination encouraged players to try different tactics to cover more of the map. The most common firefights on Overgrown saw one group situated in the broken building by the wooden bridge in the valley and the other group by the concrete bridge at the other end, often behind the small wall to the right. Sniper vs Sniper battles would always happen here as, for good players, it was an opportunity for lots of easy kills. Overgrown offers something different to the other maps in the game, making it an excellent choice to be included in the remaster.


shipment call of duty modern warfare maps

Shipment is the first map that comes to mind for a lot of Modern Warfare fans. The map was the place where some of the most hectic firefights took place, and it’ll surely be one of the 10 maps being remastered. Being small and basic in theory, it will be one of the easiest maps for Raven to update. The map itself, with the strategically placed shipping crates, was often a site taken over by menacing helicopters and exploding grenades, making it Modern Warfare’s center for chaos. We’d say Shipment will almost certainly be one of the ten maps included in Modern Warfare Remastered.


vacant call of duty modern warfare maps

Vacant is the kind of map we don’t see in Call of Duty games anymore. Made up of small corridors and rooms rather than large open spaces, Vacant was perfect for sub-machine guns or shotguns. Also, the small spaces made for perfect hiding places that you could take advantage of in Search and Destroy. The various areas of the map: the dark office area at the back of the map, the warehouse, the outside area, and the tight corridors ensured the action was spread out, making the map perfect for modes such as Domination.


showdown call of duty modern warafre maps

Showdown is not only one of the most memorable Modern Warfare maps, it may be one of the most memorable from any Call of Duty game. The central, two tiered arena acted as the focal-point for the action but it was not confined to the one area. The tunnels leading to the surrounding areas were dangerous and the place of many a death at the start of each match. It could get frustrating in some objective based modes due to the vertical nature of the map, but it ensured people were careful when entering the central area. The courtyard is one of the most iconic images from both the single player campaign and the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare.


ambush call of duty modern warfare maps

Ambush follows the classic structure for a map in a war based shooter. Teams start at opposite ends of the map, converging on the center where the fight begins – it’s like an arena you would see at a paintball venue. In Ambush, the action begins to spread out as members of each team make their way across the central boundary. As with many other maps, the various areas allow for a lot of different ways to play. The central area can be frustrating as enemies often seem to appear from nowhere and grenades are always being thrown there, making it difficult to cross.

Wet Work

wet work call of duty modern warfare maps

Wet Work is inspired by the campaign’s opening mission. On the deck of a cargo ship during a raging storm, the map is long but narrow with crates scattered everywhere, acting as cover. A small downside is that most matches play out in the same way. Each team, attacking from opposite ends of the ship, converging on the center of the map, chucking grenades, and heading behind the crates on the left and right.

That isn’t to say it isn’t fun. It gives players the opportunity to amass a high number of kills in quick succession and utilise tactics to push the other team back. The rain soaked map should also look excellent after it has been remastered.

Which maps do you hope will be included in Modern Warfare Remastered? Let us know in the comments below.

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