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Battleborn Feels Just Like Any Other MOBA (Gameplay Video)

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Battleborn Feels Just Like Any Other MOBA (Gameplay Video)

Get it together, Thorn.

The new FPS from Gearbox, Battleborn, is out and Yami from Twinfinite Video just had to play some of it for you. She’s jumped into two different online multiplayer game mods to test them out. The first is a King of the Hill styled one and the second features a much more traditional MOBA style of gameplay. It’s like League of Legends, except in first person. Of course, Yami is going to be terrible at it. Check her out as she struggles to stay alive as both a ranged character and then a tank. There’s no winning with this one, but one thing is for sure: Battleborn might be trying to be different, but it feels just like any other MOBA. The stylized look of everything is a sight to behold, though.

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