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Nintendo Explains Why Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Are Coming to Your Smartphone

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Nintendo Explains Why Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Are Coming to Your Smartphone

It’s all about diversity.

After the launch of the incredibly successful Miitomo, Nintendo are set to expand their dominance on the smartphone market by bringing two of their most successful franchises to touch screens later this year.

Earlier today, a translated version of Nintendo’s latest earnings report appeared online, along with a transcript of a Q&A session held between president Tatsumi Kimishima and Investors after the briefing.

In it, he had this to say about why they chose Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to make the jump to mobile devices…

“We chose Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem as titles to follow Miitomo from the viewpoint of increasing the diverse types of consumers interested in Nintendo, and widening opportunities for game play. The Animal Crossing series has been played by a wide range of consumers including children and women. I think there is a good chance that those consumers would enjoy this. As for Fire Emblem, it is not so much the width of the audience as the existence of die-hard fans who have stuck to the series for a long time. We selected two titles of different categories and IP to reach as many consumers as possible. We are not limiting the IP for the titles that will follow these two. We will continue to prepare titles using IP that many consumers are familiar with.”

Both games are set to include more actual gameplay elements than  social network Miitomo.

In regards to the Fire Emblem app, Nintendo are aiming for a more “accessible style of gameplay… but at the same time, provide a fully engaging experience as a role-playing simulation game”

There were no specific details released for the Animal Crossing game, but Nintendo did reveal that it will link to existing games in the series.

“We want to offer a connection between the smart device application and the world of Animal Crossing on dedicated video game systems. This will make it even more fun to play in both ways, while offering a new style of play for smart devices.”

In the report, Kimishima also stressed that they would like the mobile market to become a “core pillar” of the company, and that we may see some more familiar faces in upcoming apps. He explained that Miyamoto is currently holding “specific talks” with developing partners DeNA to figure out which characters would work well on the platform.

We look forward to the upcoming games (5 of which are launching before 2017), and seeing how Nintendo can transpose their family friendly magic onto our iPhone and Android devices.

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