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The Dark Souls Drinking Game in Preparation for Dark Souls III


The Dark Souls Drinking Game in Preparation for Dark Souls III

Praise the sun.

The impending release of Dark Souls III has the internet tapping into their inner-sadist by replaying all the Souls games (Bloodborne, too) in preparation. But why not make your replay (or first play through) a little more interesting? Have the halls of Sen’s Fortress lost their appeal as you easily yawn past all its countless traps? Does the shining city of Anor Londo lack a little luster every time you see it through your umpteenth playthrough? Do you laugh in the faces of Smough and Ornstein? Then this special challenge is for you.


Game is for one or more players. If playing with others, rotate the controller after every death for added hilarity. Drinks are to be consumed during moments of rest and in between deaths – unless you’re hardcore.


How you feel at the end.

Everyone Drinks When You:

Die (Duh)

Use an Estus Flask

Activate/Use a Bonfire

Level Up

Are Invaded/ Invade (PvP or NPC)

Finish Your Drink Every Time You:

Fall to Your Death

Blame the Game for a Death

Fail to Kill the Invader/Prey

Take a Shot Every Time You:

Fail to Recover the Bloodstain Souls

Assign a Drink Every Time You:

Collect the Bloodstain Souls

Assign a Shot Every Time You:

Kill a Boss on the First Try (per player)

Kill the Invader/Prey

Kill Three Bosses in a Row

By the time you make it to the Undead Parish, you’re probably feeling grossly incandescent, but press forward valiant warrior! You have much ground to cover. As far as a win condition goes, there isn’t one. Have fun, don’t die (in-game and IRL), and drink responsibly. Oh! And most importantly:

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Drink Responsibly!

If you’re playing Dark Souls III and need some help with the game, check out our expanding wiki!

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