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Here’s Every Final Fantasy XV Summon We’ve Seen So Far


Here’s Every Final Fantasy XV Summon We’ve Seen So Far

These massive monsters will come in handy.

The Final Fantasy series has a long and storied history with summonable entities. In the past, they’ve been called Aeons, Espers, Eidolons, Guardian Forces, and more, and in Final Fantasy XV they’re going under the new moniker of Archaeans. Archaeans are the world’s protectors, defending certain areas from human destruction. These summons are said to be integral to the world and lore of Final Fantasy XV, and they can only be summoned in-game by the main character, Noctis.

Here’s a look at each Archaean we’ve had the pleasure of seeing so far through various demos, trailers, and gameplay videos.


First unveiled during the TGS 2013 trailer, Leviathan is said to be “very close to God” in the world of FFXV. She will supposedly play a key role in the game.


Ramuh made his grand debut during the 2015 playable demo Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, only available to those who bought the first run of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Seeing him in action gave players a better indication of just how grandiose and fantastic these summons will be.


Titan first showed up in the 2015 Jump Festa trailer, trying to stomp out Noctis. He’s featured more in the latest trailer from the Uncovered event, and his model can even be found in Episode Duscae through a glitch that lets you leave the playable area.


The adorable Carbuncle (who wasn’t always so cute) shows that not all Archaeans will be massive monsters. It first popped up in the recent Platinum Demo, which is a free download on PS4 and Xbox One for anyone interested. Completing the demo will allow the player to transfer Carbuncle to the full game for use, and is in fact the only way this creature can be obtained.

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