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Top 10 Best Dragon Age Companions We’ll Never Forget


Top 10 Best Dragon Age Companions We’ll Never Forget

Every journey needs some Companions.

Note: This contains spoilers for all three Dragon Age games, along with the Trespasser DLC for Inquisition.


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Yes, he looks like a teenage boy trying to be emo at the Renaissance Fair. But Cole’s more than his appearance would suggest, and part of that is because of how he looks. Most people aren’t sure if he’s an actual human, or a demon taking a human’s appearance. Hell, even he’s not sure of just what he is, all he knows is that he wants to help people during times of extreme pain or grief, then vanish like a thief in the night.

His story is revealed in the novel Asunder, where we learn that Cole, or at least his body, was a Mage locked up by the Templars and forgotten for years. His cries of pain attracted a spirit that bonded with him and later posed as him after he died, and since then, he’s been going around as a spirit of kindness.

The tragedy of Cole’s life is balanced by the kindness he brings to others, which is what makes him fascinating. He’s easily one of, if not the only character in Bioware’s universe who doesn’t do things for some personal gain, he just does it because he wants to help. Whether you help him become human or confront the last man responsible for his death, Cole is definitely worth remembering.

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