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Top 10 Best Legend of Zelda Dungeons of All Time


Top 10 Best Legend of Zelda Dungeons of All Time

The darkest dungeon can’t stop the Hero of Time.

10. Dancing Dragon (Oracle of Seasons)

Zelda, Dungeon, Dancing Dragon, Oracle of Seasons

Many of the dungeons in the Oracles games feature color based puzzle solving, seeing as they took full advantage of the Game Boy Color. The Dancing Dragon Dungeon is no exception, and has some other tricks up its sleeve too.

The dungeon gets its name from the fact that if you lay each floor on top of one another, the image comes out to resemble a dancing dragon. Much of it is flooded with water, and some areas are only accessible by taking mine carts. There’s even one instance of a side scrolling area that has platforms fading and reappearing over time.

The dungeon shows off some of the best puzzles in Oracle of Seasons, and has players picking their way through the labyrinth of rooms.

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