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Telltale’s Batman Looks to Focus More on Bruce Wayne, Premieres This Summer

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Telltale’s Batman Looks to Focus More on Bruce Wayne, Premieres This Summer

Take a look at the man behind the mask.

During SXSW today Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller helped Telltale Games unveil their latest title, based on the caped crusader himself, Batman.

The members of the panel – including CEO Kevin Bruner, Executive Producer TQ Jefferson, Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer, Writer Pierre Shorette, and Creative Director Nick Herman – discussed several aspects of the game and what to expect going in.

As opposed to the Rocksteady games, where you play strictly as the Dark Knight the entire time, Telltale’s Batman will have a greater emphasis on the life of Bruce Wayne as well. There will be several instances where the player is given the choice to approach a situation as either Bruce Wayne OR Batman. This will allow the player to go through the game nearly entirely as The Man if they wish, instead of The Bat.

Stauffer confirmed that the game will be premiering this summer, though no specific date or month was mentioned. There was also no new footage shown, and according to Stauffer, “There’s not a lot we can show you until it’s really close to premiering.”

This take on the Batman universe is also unique to other Batman media; it will not be connected to previous Batman games, movies, or comics. This gives Telltale the freedom to run the story in their own direction.

Currently Telltale’s Batman is looking to be rated similarly to The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, around the R-rated 17+ age bracket, though no specific reasons for the rating – violence, language, etc. – were mentioned.

The game will primarily focus on Batman and Bruce Wayne, and won’t delve too deeply into the greater Bat-family such as Robin or Batgirl. Some standard characters were confirmed to appear however, including Alfred Pennyworth, Vicki Vale, and Commissioner Jim Gordon.

As per Telltale’s standard format, Batman is set to be a five-episode series at this time.

One fan asked about how they might tie up the series in the finale with something exciting, as they felt past titles had strong lead-ups with lackluster endgames. The panel referenced Tales from the Borderlands as a place where they learned a lot, including how to end a series on a stronger note. Using that as a basis they claim to have a really strong ending in the works.

In addition, Stauffer re-confirmed that their upcoming Marvel project won’t hit until 2017. He also teased that Minecraft: Story Mode, episode 5 might be released next week, and might have more information coming on Tuesday.

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